Why Shop at Estate Sales?

Here's our top 10 reasons:

Stuff! There's always a great selection of terrific stuff at estate sales, you'll be sure to find something that's perfect for your needs.

Prices! Why pay retail? Sure, we try to get the best price we can for every item, but it has to be sold in the time allowed, so nothing is overpriced, and always priced below what you'd find in an antique shop.

Happy People! We use a system that gives each person a number representing their place in line, so you'll never feel pressured by a line at the door. And, our ever-friendly, always-helpful staff will make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Great Houses! Many of our sales are held in fabulous neighborhoods with excellent homes.

Inspiration! Seeing all the neat decorator items that you'll never find in a store is inspirational. You'll want to get started on upgrading your own decor.

It's Free! No charge to look. And you'll always find something of interest. Estate sales are the best free fun around. Better than shopping retail and located right in your own neighborhood.

New and Exciting! Every sale is different. Everyone has interesting collections, eclectic decorating styles, new stuff, old stuff, antiques, tools, garden stuff and more. You'll never see the same sale twice.

New Items Too! There are lots of brand-new items in original packaging - small appliances, toys, games, gift items, linens and more - all well below retail prices.

Appliances! For all kinds of people, estate sales are the place to find large appliances like stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, snow blowers, yard equipment and more - ready to be put to good use in a good home.

Furniture! Yes, furniture stores deliver, but the furniture at estate sales is the good stuff - they don't make it like that anymore. If you really like good furniture, you'll always find a bargain on a beauty at an estate sale.


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