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Why Our Clients Love Marcia Wilk Estate Sales

We could try to tell you to consider the professional choice with the experience and ability to be the perfect source for moving sales and estate sales, but listen to our clients first. Send us an email at with your story and we'll post it here!


Luana from St. Clair Shores wrote:

Shaking, I dialed 313-779-0193 - the number for Marcia Wilk Estate Sales. "We just sold our Grosse Pointe home!" - I blurted out when Marcia answered the phone - "and we have to be out in two weeks. We're moving into a condo. I have to sell furniture, china, books, and, and, and..."

I wanted to scream Fire! Fire!

Marcia, sounding calm and confident, asked "May I come over this morning so we can get started?" That yes-we-can-do-this feeling began to creep in. And indeed we did get completely out on time, in large part because of Marcia Wilk's help, organization, hard work and outstanding staff.

Would I recommend Marcia Wilk? Absolutely. But only for those who want to get the job done right!

Luana Smigielski


Diane from Grosse Pointe wrote:

Having Marcia Wilk do my estate sale was such a wonderful experience for me. She took photos of key pieces and put them on her website - which is fabulous in itself. Her helpers were so nice and friendly and set-up was great - she really knows how to organize everything.

Marcia bends over backwards to make the sale a success - which it truly was. There was non-stop traffic in the house both days of the sale.

Tear down and clean up was most pleasing to me. My basement and garage were spotless and empty. Marcia vacuumed the entire home. All leftovers were taken to the Salvation Army and a donation slip was given to me. Marcia came back on trash day and hauled all debris to the curb. She was prompt in delivery of my money.

I recommend Marcia to everyone because:

  • Marcia has a huge following of buyers
  • Marcia is such a people person - great with shoppers
  • Totally well-rounded business woman
  • She gives 100% of herself to your sale
  • Set-up was truly great and well organized
  • Friendly helpers
  • My home and garage were so clean

Thanks, Marcia!


Darlene wrote:

My top 5 reasons for recommending Marcia Wilk Estate Sales are:

  • Eliminates my worry
  • Takes care of everything!
  • Leaves house in perfect, cleaned-up shape
  • Very professional, works hard, reasonable fees
  • Follows through on exactly what she says


John wrote:

Marcia Wilk Estate Sales was vary professional, thorough, pleasant and cooperative. Marcia and her staff absolutely observed all timelines, with excellent attention to detail during the sale and at cleanup. With her competitive fees and a website that was beneficial in selling the items, I'd recommend Marcia Wilk Estate Sales!



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